Monday, 25th February, 2019

How to increase your HDFC bank credit card limit

If you already have a credit card from HDFC bank then this is for you. Depending upon how much you spend & how regularly you repay the dues the bank allocates higher limits on your card from time to time.

But to actually avail of that limit upgrade you have to take action from your side. You can either call the customer care to inquire, or you can check in NetBanking if you’re eligible for credit limit increment.

Login to NetBanking, go to Cards > Credit Cards > Request > Credit Limit Enhancement. Upon selecting your card number you will be presented with either a credit limit that is higher than your current limit if you’re eligible, or a message that you’re currently not eligible.

Eligible for credit card limit enhancement

Eligible for credit limit increment

In case you do have an upgrade available then you just have to request for it & your card’s limit will be enhanced immediately. You can verify the new limit by going in the Cards > Credit Cards > Enquire > Account Information section.

In case you’re not eligible for an upgrade right now then there will be a button to get a message when an enhancement is available. Click that & the bank will notify you when it is available.

Increase HDFC bank credit card limit

Not eligible for credit limit increment

Either ways, it’s easy to upgrade your credit card’s limit & you should always ask for it even if you don’t spend much. It’s always good to have the highest credit card limit that you can.

Saturday, 23rd February, 2019

Who will cry when you die?

Who Will Cry When You DieAfter more than a decade I have been able to finish reading a book from cover to cover. I think the last proper book I read was Steve Wozniak’s autobiography iWoz back in 2007-08.

I am so glad I chose this particular book because it is small, and it was an easy & fun read.

Hopefully the dry spell is finally over & I’ll be able to read more in the coming days.

Thursday, 7th February, 2019

What exactly is “focus”?

All the inspirational blogs, articles, videos, self help books advise us to focus. But what exactly is that focus?

I think focus is not something that comes naturally or automatically, and does not stay with you forever. You have to get it or bring it manually yourself, on a daily basis, and quite often several times in a day.

For me focus is the act of reminding oneself regularly to work on what is important & ignore the rest. One must do this mental exercise of “bringing focus” everyday, until it becomes a solid habit set in stone.