Apple be cray cray

Monday, 19th March, 2018

So my MacBook Bro which is about to turn 7 in less than a month have had its multiple organs fail on me over the years. One of which was the audio system. Since a good few years the sound had decreased to a level where it was hard to hear & very coarse to bear, as if a tiny radio speaker was placed inside an empty tin jar, too feeble & pointless. I almost always had to use earphones to listen to something. I didn’t mind.

Last Saturday I took it to a free checkup camp at an Apple authorized service center. All they did was open up the back cover & clean the dust with a brush & vacuum cleaner.

Today I noticed the sound icon on the menu bar was completely greyed out. It didn’t show me ‘Internal Speakers’ as an sound output device in ‘System Preference > Sound’.

I thought this was it, my MBP had finally turned mute for ever. But I could output the audio to a earphone or a speaker connected via Airplay. So I switched between those 2 outputs for a while in the settings & then the internal speakers output option appeared again.

And now I hear the sound better than it has been in years! Its not back to like when the machine was brand new but its much better than what it was since past few years. Its a miracle & I am not complaining.

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