Tuesday, 23rd July, 2019

Calvin Klein One EDT review

Calvin Klein One Eau De Toilette 100 ML

I got this Eau de Toilette in 100ml size by redeeming my HDFC bank Regalia credit card’s rewards points. Looks like it sells online for around 3000 rupees.

I did a test of one spray on each side of my t-shirt’s shoulders in the day, and a very light smell is still there on my t-shirt till mid-night when I am typing this, after around 10/11 hours.

I feel the point of using a perfume is for either of the following two reasons:

1. You have had a long, sweaty day, you’re going to be out there in the public such as in a market or public transport, people will be going to get closer to you, and you need all the help you can get from a fragrance to suppress any bad odour your body might be starting to generate, and make other people comfortable around you, until you get a chance to clean yourself up.

2. You just want to smell nice, fresh & interesting for yourself & other people around you. I have written a guide on how to smell nice all day, everyday.

Looks like this EDT is good for both of these cases. I recommend it.

PS: The bottle comes with the cap on top & the sprayer is kept in the packet. You have to take out the cap & put the sprayer on top in order to use it.