Friday, 26th July, 2019

Can I wash Apple EarPods?

Yes you can! I am talking about the WIRED earphones from Apple, which used to come bundled with older iPhones before they stopped doing that.

I have 2 such EarPods, one from iPhone 3gs [yes that old!] and one from iPhone 5s, both of whose phones are long gone but the earpods continue to work perfectly.

Apple EarPods

After so many years they are still white because I clean them regularly.

I directly wash them with regular water & liquid soap, clean the wire, take a small brush & clean earwax, dirt etc off the part which go into the ear. Must let it dry before using again. These are my favourite earphones & I will continue to purchase them as long as Apple will sell a 3.5mm headphone plug.

If you’re still not convinced, use surgical spirit instead of water. Take a cotton pad, wet it fully with surgical spirit and use it to clean the entire thing.