Thursday, 12th September, 2019

HDFC credit card cash back

Here is one more reason to use a credit card from HDFC. Now you have the option to get direct cash back to your bank account against the points you have earned. The points to rupee ratio varies by card. On a Regalia card 5 points equals 1 rupee, so if you have 1000 points you can redeem the points to be 200 rupees in your bank account.

To do so login to your NetBanking account, go to Cards > Credit Cards > Redeem Reward Points > tick your active Card & click Continue > Continue. A popup window will open & it will automatically log you into the HDFC MyRewards portal where you can see your incurred points and redeem them against cash or various products.

Get cash back from HDFC credit card

Note that HDFC will change you 99 rupees every time a redemption request is made, so it is wise to have atleast a couple of thousand points before redeeming them to cash. Earlier I used to redeem my credit card points for perfumes but this is the first time I used the cash back option as it is a very new feature.

Cash back from credit card points