Sunday, 1st December, 2019

HDFC funds transfer within the bank failure

We regret to inform you that we could not complete your transaction. For more details, please contact your nearest HDFC Bank Branch, or our PhoneBanking service. You can also write to us at :

If you are getting the above error and unable to send money from one HDFC bank account to another HDFC bank account, then most likely the reason is because it is too late in the night so the transfer is not permitted.

I am not sure of the exact timing yet, but I have had this message appear in two separate occasions when I have tried to send money too late in the night, around 10 PM or later.

The solution is to do the money transfer next morning & it will work. From my experience, it does not matter whether its a working day or a holiday, it works in all days, just not in late nights.

When I find out the exact timings I will update this post.