Wednesday, 28th August, 2019

How to upgrade HDFC bank savings account from Classic to Preferred

Okay so this is not something a savings account holder can do on their own. This upgrade is offered by the bank when your account satisfies all the eligibility criteria of the Preferred Banking Programme. More details about HDFC’s Preferred banking is found here.

So recently I saw a blue banner message inside my HDFC NetBanking account saying “get a taste of exclusive banking, personalized for you”.

Classic to Preferred upgrade banner

I have been a Classic banking customer since quite a few years now & was so happy to see this upgrade being offered to me, so I clicked the red Join Now! button, and was presented with this next screen.

Preferred Banking Programme details

This page had my details such as my name, where my home branch was, and there was a simple form further down below to take my consent to be upgraded to the Preferred programme which I gave, and also an option to change the branch of my Relationship Manager [RM] if I wanted, which I did & submitted the form.

After one working day, my account was updated. I didn’t receive any email or sms notification but my NetBanking account had changed from blue to yellow theme, and in the very bottom a new RM’s name, email & phone number was scrolling.

I am yet to speak with the new RM & avail any benefits from this newfound status though 😀