Tuesday, 12th November, 2019

Kuwait international airport transit hotel

If you have more than a few hours of layover period between your connecting flights at the Kuwait international airport, then you are eligible & need to be transferred to a transit hotel within the compounds of the airport called Safir Airport Hotel. As per Kuwait law you are not allowed to wait at the airport more than a few hours, this is probably because the current terminal is too small to handle much people, they are building more huge terminals.

And if you don’t have visa to enter Kuwait then the only place you can be at is this hotel. I am not sure about other airlines, but if your connecting flight is on Kuwait Airways then this accommodation will be free for you.

How to go to this transit hotel

To get to this hotel, once you arrive at the airport, go to the Transfer Desk. If you arrived on the 1st level of the airport then take the escalator one level down & you will find this transfer desk on the ground level. This desk is BEFORE security clearance for next flight, some security personnel might assume you are there for your next immediate connecting flight & point you to walk towards the security line but you can tell them you have long layover & go to the transfer desk instead.

Share with them your onwards journey details or boarding pass if you have. They will give you a blue coloured Transit card & tell you which gate you have to go & wait. Then you will go through security clearance, and go to the gate number as told by the transfer desk staff, and wait there. Soon staff will appear there & take you to that hotel in a bus, with any other passengers if any.

You will submit this blue transit card, your passport & boarding pass to the front desk staff at the hotel. They will give you room key, a card against your passport & wifi code vouchers.

The food, breakfast, lunch, dinner will also be free for you if your accommodation was free, all paid by your airline, again I am not sure about other airlines but this is the case with Kuwait Airways.

You can roam around within the hotel, come down to the lobby level for food at the restaurant, they usually call when its time for food. The rooms are good & clean. If you ask politely they might be able to give you a room with an airport view, instead of the back side view which will be just other buildings.

The number to call the helpdesk is 0 from the phone in the room.

When it is time for your next flight they will call you, or you can call them beforehand to know when you can come down. They will again take you the airport in a bus or a small vehicle. You get a nice free tour of the airport on your way 🙂

There are a lots of negative comments about this place online, but we had a really relaxing time & the staff there which are mostly Indian were quite nice to us. We had a 22 hour layover & really appreciated the Kuwait government authorities who have made this provision, it was very helpful. I recommend it.