Thursday, 7th March, 2019

Life lesson 2

Don’t buy bedsheets from shopping malls or big brand names. Most of them are overpriced, terrible pieces of designer cloth unsuitable for comfortable sleeping.

After spending thousands of rupees I have come to the conclusion that their advertisement of 100% cotton is usually false, they are almost always a mix of cotton & some other polyester like material which feels like silk or satin, and annoyingly slides your head off the pillow & your body off the bed while sleeping. The xxx% thread count claim is utter lies, just false details to get you to buy their products.

Always & only buy bedsheets from local handicraft fairs. They are handmade by someone with the hope of earning a livelihood, 100% pure cotton, cheap, perfect texture that you can ‘feel’ over your skin, very comfortable after a wash or two for a good night’s sleep. And you will be supporting local workers directly instead of a corporation. Never buying branded bedsheets / pillow covers again.