Saturday, 17th August, 2019

MOGICS Power Bagel version 2 review

Mogics power bagel v2 open

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Brilliantly designed in Singapore, MOGICS Power Bagel is an excellent combination of power strip & universal power adapter for travel. It has 4 universal power sockets, 1 US type socket & 2 USB ports. You can get complete details on their official website.

I purchased it from the We The People store in Millenia Walk mall, Singapore. At SGD 69.90 this is definitely not cheap, but absolutely worth it if you’re serious about travelling light & compact.

What I travel with

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Earlier I used to carry a Belkin 3 socket power strip to charge our two laptops and two mobile phones, plus a Carlton universal travel adapter [with 2 USB ports] to be able to plug into any country’s power outlet. But now both of those 2 devices have been replaced by the Power Bagel. The bagel weights slightly less than those 2 items combined, but the space savings is huge for a carry-on only traveller like me.

Due to the circular form factor I am able to charge these electronics simultaneously, clockwise:

  1. MacBook Pro 15 inch
  2. Example Carlton universal power adapter just to show the US power socket, I don’t have any device with US power socket
  3. Canon point n shoot camera battery charger
  4. MacBook Air 11 inch
  5. Sony rechargeable batteries on USB port 1
  6. Android mobile phone on USB port 2
  7. iPad Mini
Power bagel all connected devices

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