Saturday, 17th August, 2019

MOGICS Power Bagel version 2 review

Mogics power bagel v2 open

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Brilliantly designed in Singapore, MOGICS Power Bagel is an excellent combination of power strip & universal power adapter for travel. It has 4 universal power sockets, 1 US type socket & 2 USB ports. You can get complete details on their official website.

I purchased it from the We The People store in Millenia Walk mall, Singapore. At SGD 69.90 this is definitely not cheap, but absolutely worth it if you’re serious about travelling light & compact.

What I travel with

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Earlier I used to carry a Belkin 3 socket power strip to charge our two laptops and two mobile phones, plus a Carlton universal travel adapter [with 2 USB ports] to be able to plug into any country’s power outlet. But now both of those 2 devices have been replaced by the Power Bagel. The bagel weights slightly less than those 2 items combined, but the space savings is huge for a carry-on only traveller like me.

Due to the circular form factor I am able to charge these electronics simultaneously, clockwise:

  1. MacBook Pro 15 inch
  2. Example Carlton universal power adapter just to show the US power socket, I don’t have any device with US power socket
  3. Canon point n shoot camera battery charger
  4. MacBook Air 11 inch
  5. Sony rechargeable batteries on USB port 1
  6. Android mobile phone on USB port 2
  7. iPad Mini
Power bagel all connected devices

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Monday, 12th August, 2019

WordPress archive page redirects to home page

If your WordPress site’s all of the monthly or yearly archive pages automatically go to the home page & there is no such redirection rules set by you in htaccess file or anywhere else, then following might be a possible solution.

If you have the Yoast SEO plugin installed then go to SEO > Search Appearance > Archives > Date archives settings & check whether the “Date archives” is enabled or disabled. It should be enabled.

WP archive url disabled

Sunday, 11th August, 2019

Treebo Trip Jai Ambe Maa, Kolkata hotel review

We stayed at this hotel for 2 nights in August 2019. Good hotel for the price paid, right on the side of a road & opposite to a big school.

Commuting to & from the hotel could not be easier. You can get local taxi/auto easily from in front of it. Ola/Uber are easy to book too & they reach without needing further calls.

There are not much food outlets nearby the hotel except one small chinese food outlet besides it so you should get food from other places which you’re visiting in the day, or ask the hotel, they don’t have a restaurant but they have a menu & they can serve lunch, dinner in the room. I have not tried any of their food from the menu except the complimentary breakfast.

Breakfast is basic but okay for the price paid. Elaichi flovoured tea which comes with breakfast is quite good.

Staff are really nice, polite & very well mannered. Well organized, they do things that are asked to do promptly & are eager to help you.

We arrived there at around 9:30 AM & they were able to let us check in early around 10:15 AM. They have a waiting area which is converted from a garage but has high speed fans & AC, so that was a comfortable space to wait for checkin. We actually slept on the 2 sofas there for a few minutes.

My neat freak wife didn’t have any complaints so it means the room, bathroom & entire property was clean enough.

Plenty of photos of the hotel are available on Google Maps so I don’t need to repeat them.

Yes I recommend this hotel and I would surely stay there again if I need to.

I have stayed in low budget hotels in several Indian cities. From my experience I have found in general hotel properties on to be clearly better than the hotels available on

It feels like explosive growth has led OyO to just sign up all the hotels to their platform & not bother with quality checks later, while Treebo seems to be a slow but gradual path of offering only hand picked hotels in a city which are actually worth the money paid.

Friday, 9th August, 2019

How to delete Chrome browser history in Redmi Note 7S

1. Click on the 3 dots on the top right corner of Google Chrome

Steps to clean mobile Chrome browsing history

1: Click to view full image

2. Click on “Settings”

Clear Android browser history

2: Click to view full image

3. Click on “Privacy” under Advanced

Mi phone Chrome history cleaning

3: Click to view full image

4. Click on “Clear browsing data”

Remove all browsing history from Xiaomi Google Chrome

4: Click to view full image

5. Click on “Advanced”

Removal of entire browser history from MIUI phone

5, 6, 7, 8: Click to view full image

6. Select “All time” in the right side dropdown

7. Tick all the checkboxes

8. Click “Clear data”

9. Optional step if you have bookmarks. Tick all the checkboxes

Remove all data from Redmi Note 7S Chrome

9, 10: Click to view full image

10. Click “Clear”

11. Optional step: quit Chrome & restart again

Thursday, 8th August, 2019

Power of a passport

Indians get visa on arrival to 58 countries.

Americans get welcome drink on arrival to 2000 countries.

Wednesday, 7th August, 2019

Life lesson 3

Never delete a phone number.

Mobiles are capable of storing thousands of contacts, and its not like they are taking up memory space in your brain. You never know when you might need to call someone, or share their number with someone else.

Unless you hate the guts of that guy. Then chuck his number to the trash right away.

Tuesday, 6th August, 2019

Why women take so long in the bathroom?

Short answer: because you’re an imbecile!

Long answer:

You see, women are god’s greatest work of art when he was at his creative most. He took time to perfect every curve & detail. While you, a man, is what god made on a bored sunday afternoon. Just threw limbs n stuff & called you a human.

Now, they know how to take care of their bodies. While in the bathroom they remove blackheads from the nose, they shave hair from legs n stuff, they take a shower long enough to actually clean dirt & sweat, they take time to exfoliate, they scrub to remove dead skin cells.

And when they shampoo they do it twice, did you know that? That’s because they have longer hair, but also they take time to use fingers to do a scrubbing action against hair to make sure the foam actually goes deep till the roots of the hair & cleans the scalp off anything that might cause dandruff or worse lice, because they really love their hair. And most of them take a shower in the evening too.

While, for you, my nasty male brethren, bathing is an optional activity which happens if time permits today, tomorrow or day after. You go into the bathroom with the same enthusiasm of a domestic cat when it is forced to shower. You go in like a pig jumps into a mud puddle & comes outside in a flash. You just sprinkle some water over your head & body and call that a bath. And on the rare occasion when you decide to use this amazing innovation called soap or shampoo, it barely goes into your deeply hidden body-coves to do a shabby job of cleaning, if any at all.

And you scoff at a second shower after coming from work. Don’t want to kill those germs created from your hard earned sweat now, do we.

So comparing your bathing time to that of a woman’s is like comparing the time taken between making a sand castle vs making the Taj Mahal.

And as they do all of this on a daily basis, not just when it is a special occasion, they’re actually fast. If you were to do all of that, you would be in the bathroom till noon.

Women consider their bodies as a temple, cleanliness as their religion and bathing as a ritual. Shower gel, charcoal mask, facial scrub, body butter, bath salt, aloe vera gel, glycerine soap, conditioner are just some of the products I am aware of which they use to worship this temple.

That is also why, a lady smells nice till the end of the evening. While despite your best efforts to hide that shameful stink of yours using clouds of gas deo sprays in the morning, it eventually resurfaces & you smell like a dead dog’s rotten carcass by the time afternoon rolls in.

Men are light years behind women when it comes to personal hygiene, but there is till hope. So if you wish to learn the fine art of making yourself presentable & turn heads like they do, then consider this article as a beginner’s guide.

Monday, 29th July, 2019

How Airtel is lying to us

You’re cruising over the information super highway, consuming mobile data like there is no tomorrow, gotta watch them videos all! All of a sudden you’re hit with this SMS from Airtel:

Alert-50%-: of your daily data limit is used. You wonder, 50% data gone already? So fast! And you start thinking of conserving data to get through the rest of the day, you become selective in what you click from now onwards. Sorry funny cat video, you’ll have to wait till tomorrow. Sorry political propaganda, no can do, gotta save bandwidth for Whatsapp, Zomato & Paytm.

But no! AirTel is trying to fool us. If you have the Airtel mobile app, go to the “Data Balance” section & check how much data you’ve actually consumed. It will be nowhere close to the 50% of your plan, it will be much much less! For me the 50% message comes when I still have 2.9GB data left out of 3.4GB! Clearly someone at Airtel office skipped primary maths class.

Chal jhootha!

And then soon after you’re hit with a second SMS, 90% of your data is gone into thin air, your online life is now officially over for the day, until 12 O’ clock mid-night when next day’s data balance reloads. But no, its just Airtel messing with you like a good homie. Again if you check in the mobile app, you’ve not even used half the data, and they’re warning you of 90% data exhaustion. For me, I get that SMS when I have 2.5GB remaining out of 3.4GB!

I have been monitoring this for several days now. Why Airtel why? Stunts like this is what forced many of your customers to switch to Jio in the first place.

Friday, 26th July, 2019

Can I wash Apple EarPods?

Yes you can! I am talking about the WIRED earphones from Apple, which used to come bundled with older iPhones before they stopped doing that.

I have 2 such EarPods, one from iPhone 3gs [yes that old!] and one from iPhone 5s, both of whose phones are long gone but the earpods continue to work perfectly.

Apple EarPods

After so many years they are still white because I clean them regularly.

I directly wash them with regular water & liquid soap, clean the wire, take a small brush & clean earwax, dirt etc off the part which go into the ear. Must let it dry before using again. These are my favourite earphones & I will continue to purchase them as long as Apple will sell a 3.5mm headphone plug.

If you’re still not convinced, use surgical spirit instead of water. Take a cotton pad, wet it fully with surgical spirit and use it to clean the entire thing.

Thursday, 25th July, 2019

Roomba 606 review

Does Roomba work for Indian homes? Yes it does!

I have been using the Roomba 606 since September 2018, which is the cheapest model from iRobot on selling at around 19000 rupees.

It works perfectly. Roomba cleans the floor better than a human can, it picks up such fine dust which can never be picked up with a broom, ONLY IF you let it clean. Any by “letting it clean” I mean keep as much floor space available for Roomba. Move away small objects like toys, utensils, house slippers, clothes that are lying on the floor and any other obstacles that might get in its way.

We let Roomba clean our 2 bedrooms, 1 living + dining room, 1 kitchen & 1 utility space of our flat, which is of approximately 900 sqft of tiled floor. It takes approximately 1 hour to clean this much space. We run Roomba & do a wet mopping of the floor every alternate day, so if wet mop is done today then Roomba runs the next day. We don’t let it clean the balconies, we just wet mop there.

And if I got busy in some work or just being lazy & have not done wet mopping of the floor on the day which I should have, then I just run the Roomba.

After every 3 to 5 runs I open the dust box & remove the dust it collected, take out its front wheel, side brush, 2 main brushes, clean dust & hair from them & put them back, wipe everywhere I can with a microfibre cloth. That makes sure it does its top performance. I have not had to replace any parts so far. I do this once a week.

It works great, floor is so clean that sometimes you can make that screeching noise with your feet if you rub hard on the floor. Never have to pick up the broom & bend down to do sweeping anymore, that activity has become a thing of the past for us. Haven’t needed a maid either.

One thing to note: Roomba runs in a very crazy pattern which is beyond any human logic. For example it will be running against the wall in a straight line, then it will move to the middle of the room in a random pattern, going back n forth, and while half of the room is still not cleaned all of a sudden it will move towards another room. This can make you frustrated & loose trust on the device. But if you notice closely for a few days, it eventually returns back to those “missed” spaces later to complete the job. And IF by chance it misses a spot today, it works more on that spot in the next cleaning, which has been my experience. Even though I had read about this behaviour before, it still took us several weeks to process that Roomba is not a person, its a machine, it detects spots with its sensors & signals and has its own unique way of cleaning.

So just let it do whatever it does, let it clean & it will. Now one step from the list of home cleaning chore feels to be automated.

This is a solid company of 30+ years, sold millions of devices across the globe. If it worked for so many people’s homes it will work for you too. We are 100% satisfied with this robot & recommend it. Go for it!