Saturday, 28th December, 2019

Sample itinerary for Europe Schengen visa for Indian tourists

Example holiday trip itinerary

I have used this itinerary format while applying for Switzerland & Denmark tourist visas through VFS Global & it has worked for me, I’ve gotten those visas, so I believe you can use this with your own data. I made this itinerary by visiting a few travel blogs, copying their formats & customizing it as per my needs.

I have made it in 3 formats, Word Docx, Apple Pages & PDF. Download the files here.

Why an itinerary is required?

It took me a while to understand the primary reason why they ask for an itinerary: to see that you are serious about this trip, have done your research & have made up your mind about things you want to & places you want to visit. You are a guest in their country so they would like to learn what kind of activities you will be doing while there, it is not too much to ask.

Do I have to do exactly & all the things I write in the itinerary?

I also had all the same questions in my mind. Do I must visit the places on the date & in the order I wrote on the itinerary? No, absolutely not. You are allowed to change your mind & deviate from the plan while you’re there. Nobody will jail you for visiting a different place or doing something different than what you mentioned, as long as its legal 😉

But you need to be able to show a certain degree of certainty about your overall goals, whether you want to go for sightseeing, on a food or photography tour, on wild camping, on cycling or driving across the country, hiking or mountain climbing or skiing, or want to do adventure sports.

And you need to make the visiting country’s government aware about those plans, hence the itinerary serves as a mode of communication, they want to learn which things are you primarily interested to do in their country.

So be honest & realistic about your plans, mention them clearly with facts & figures & you’re good to go, don’t overthink it.