Wednesday, 25th September, 2019

South India road trip

We went on a car trip towards southern India for about 4 weeks, from 30th August to 22nd September. We just got out of the door without any fixed route or destination or number of days in mind, with only one hotel booked at the next city, and continued planning further details on the road, till we were ready to return home. Here are some details.

RouteDistanceToll PaidDays Stayed
BBSR > Visakhapatnam423 KMRs 400stayed the night
Visakhapatnam > Vijayawada368 KMRs 547stayed the night
Vijayawada > Chennai458 KMRs 450stayed for a week
Chennai > Puducherry130 KMRs 150stayed for 3 nights
Puducherry > Bengaluru311 KMRs 100stayed a week
Bengaluru > Hyderabad575 KMRs 680stayed a week
Hyderabad > Visakhapatnam682 KMRs 845stayed the night
Visakhapatnam > Bhubaneswar419 KMRs 500reached home


Drove 4265 kilometers from home till back home, across 5 states and 1 union territory.

Paid approximately Rs 3800 at various national highway & interstate expressway toll gates, almost all of which was paid using FASTag, the electronic toll collection system.

Burned around 17757 of petrol.

Spend 67019 in hotel bills.

Saw countless beautiful sights, passed by hundreds of mountains, endless greenery, drove on great 6 lane national highway from Vijayawada to Chennai, drove on awesome 8 lane Nehru Outer Ring Road outside Hyderabad, drove on terrible potholed roads in Bengaluru. Ate at many highway side dhabas & food courts. Visited temples, malls, beaches.

Our jaws hit floor seeing absolutely massive KIA Motors plant in Andhra Pradesh while going from Bengaluru to Hyderabad. Ate Swedish food & brought furnitures from giant IKEA showroom in Hyderabad.

As I sit here at home in Bhubaneswar on a rainy morning, typing this post, trying to remember all the things we saw & did in the trip, relive those moments, I feel good that I did this trip, I feel proud that I was able to drive such long distances, but more importantly it feels useful.

I believe such spontaneous, big road trips can be very useful for a person: just get out there, see the vast lands, see our gigantic country, first get confused & then understand different languages, cultures, eat different food, hate some people, love some people, it increases your exposure, it broadens your horizon, gives you more courage to face the unknown, grows your ability to overcome obstacles as they come, it keeps you on your toes, it keeps your brain sharp, it makes you more understanding & compassionate towards others.

We will definitely be going on more such journeys.