Friday, 13th December, 2019

Wunderlist alternative

WunderlistFor years I have used Wunderlist as my To Do list. It helped me move 2 houses, plan & execute many holiday trips, reminded me to pay my taxes & credit card bills in time …. it ran my life, daily.

But now that they have announced it will be shut down in May 2020 so I had to search for another To Do application, but nothing came close.

Google KeepBut Google Keep is good enough. It has reminder notifications on the Android mobile application. It does not have a Mac desktop application & I don’t think there ever will be one, but the web version works for me. It also shows the scheduled tasks on Google Calendar which is useful.

I migrated all my tasks & notes from Wunderlist to Google Keep. Just hoping Google does not kill this product in the future. It will be a hassle to switch again. But then I don’t have a lots of ‘To Do’ 😉